Mayors call for fair local funding so that municipalism "stops being the ugly duckling of democracy"



Jornadas sobre financiación local en València

Conference on local financing in Valencia CITY HALL IN VALENCIA

This has been put together by several mayors of Spain, in response to the media before participating in the second day of the Municipal Conferences for Fair Financing that are held since Thursday in Valencia.

Specifically, Ribó stressed that in the sessions there is representation of mayors and councilors of all political forces across the range and they have reached positions “agreed” on the “major issues” affecting cities. “The municipalism needs to talk about financing because what it has is insufficient and it needs the problems to be seriously raised and addressed once and for all, we need to stop being the ugly duckling of democracy as it has been until now”, he said. urged.

In addition, he stressed that since 199 began to speak of the Municipal Cooperation Fund, finally the municipalities of the province of Valencia and “enjoy” of this aid from the Valencian Government.

In similar terms has been pronounced the first mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, Zaragoza in Common, who has stressed that the economy must be “at the service of people” because, in his view, “the criteria of budget stability can not conceal ideological positions of dismantling the Welfare State. “

In this sense, he insisted that it is necessary “to build bridges of dialogue and to open a project of in-depth reform of local autonomy”, which “must be endowed with financial autonomy and this has to be translated into a path of dialogue open to begin the process so necessary to help citizenship in a consistent manner. ” Thus, he noted that “you can not produce such Kafkaesque situations as the spending rule or the adjustment plans that are political corsets because the municipalities are complying with the rules.”

For his part, the ‘popular’ mayor of Malaga, Francisco de La Torre, stressed that the government has said that the solution schemes are made “while raising the response to local financing” and has blamed the problem on that “the entire autonomic process in Spain was not accompanied by a transfer of competences from autonomy to the local sphere”.

“Competencies of the CCAA should have passed to the local area that is closer to the neighbor and thus can be exercised better participation and transparency and strengthens democracy,” he said to regret that “much remains to be done” and will not be easy because “there are 33 years of inertia of autonomic centralism, but it is time to raise it”, he has defended.

He has also advocated raising what would be the effective cost of services and responsibility of municipalities when deciding expenses because, in his opinion, you have to look for the lowest cost but “the highest quality”. “I hope we will advance in the line of strengthening the municipalism that is the line of strengthening democracy”, said the ‘popular’.

The socialist mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, lamented that when he left his city last night to attend these days, his daughter asked him where he was going and why he went to Valencia to which he replied: “basically to mourn.” For this reason, he remarked that the mayors are “tired of cryingand complain

always the same problems “consequence of” lack of attention from the financial point of view to our municipalities, “he said.” Nobody thinks of a local financing system that is not only not agreed with municipalities, but it is imposed against his criteria, “he remarked.

In this way, he pointed out that it is “increasingly clear” the need for “a mobilization of the mayors of Spain to achieve something that is absolutely fair”. “We are the administrations closest to the citizens and we are not taken into account and that can not be prolonged any longer, it is time to put an end to the problem of local financing,” said Puente.



For its part, the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who has also attended one of the sessions this Friday

It has added to the demand of the municipalities and has urged to improve local financing because this entails “improving the lives of people”. “Municipalism is the most direct space for auditing and improving the lives of people and therefore the alliance we are weaving from the Generalitat and the municipalities is what is causing all economic and social indicators in the Region for 20 years months have improved, “he stressed.

For Puig, from this fundamental issues, the State “has to reform and clearly address what are the different levels of local, regional and central administration” because it has stressed that “there can not be a monopoly of vertical decisions by the Government of Spain. “

“I believe in the collaboration of the institutions that belong to the citizens and not to the leaders.” The patrimonialization of the institutions contributes to the political disaffection and the non-solution of the problems, “said the head of the Consell.